Christmas campaign that helps the user to choose the perfect present for 'her' asking tree questions based on: person, type of jewellery and product metal. After the user answer these questions, the ideal present is showed. The user can tap on it to buy it, tap on 'Find a Store' to display a Pandora shops map, or tap on 'Find out more' to visit

● Company: Mozoo
● Agency: Zenith Media
● Client: Pandora

● Environment: web
● Campaign objective: Driving unaided brand awareness leading to purchase intent with the CTA driving the audience into store together with engaging the existing customer being front of mind for a key gifting period.
● Campaign KPI: Engagement/viewability
● Format: Smartphone and tablet interstitial (shake interaction)
● Tools usedAdobe Photoshop CC (UI design), Adobe Illustrator CC (Decision tree), Adobe XD (Prototyping)  and Celtra (ad unit)

⇒ My role: Concept, decision tree, prototyping, UI design and ad unit building (except coding, by Mozoo Teach team).
Interactive prototype
(Test only with your smartphone. Desktop preview doesn't show outcomes.)

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