AYGO X-CITE (2016)
A campaign for Toyota’s Aygo aimed at raising awareness of the car’s new colour range among core audience.

The campaign consisted of a high-impact transparent overlay with an energetic video, combining animation and film.  
In addition, a 360° interactive car enables the user to view the car from all angles and change the colour.

● Company: Mozoo
● Agency: Zenith Media
● Client: Toyota

● Campaign objective: Engagement, brand awareness, video completion.
● Format: Smartphone and tablet interstitial (video and interactive 360º)
● Tools used: Adobe Photoshop CC (UI design), Adobe After Effects CC (Video edition) and Celtra (ad units)

★ Awards: Shortlisted for 'Campaign of the Year'  (The Drum Awards 2017) & "Best Mobile Campaign" (The Wires By ExchangeWire 2017) 
⇒ My role: Mobile ad concept & ad units building (in collaboration with Mozoo Studio)

A mobile campaign for the new Aygo X-Press launch. After the initial animation, the user is able to shake the phone to see the back view of the car. If the user shakes again, the ad returns to the front view.

● Company: Mozoo
● Agency: Zenith Media
● Client: Toyota

● Environment: web
● Campaign objective: Engagement and brand awareness.
● Format: Smartphone and tablet interstitial (shake interaction)
● Tools used: Adobe Photoshop CC (UI design) and Celtra (ad units)

⇒ My role: I managed this campaign, adapting the design of web banner ads provided by Toyota and developing the ad unit in a mobile friendly and interactive way.

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